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Who We Are

Hello everyone,

I’m Fido, the founder of Buy from Guangzhou Sourcing Agent, I’ve been in the export business for more than 10 years, and I started this sourcing agent in Guangzhou in 2019 in order to help customers source and buy from China to be simple and easy.

We buy for you to save your money and time. Over the past 2023, we sent more than 1,500 carton goods outside China, we are a Small but Strong team, hope we can work with you as well.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in doing business from China.

Our Core Value:
★ Mutual Benefits
★ Win-Win Cooperation
★ Customers Success First, then We Can

Our Mission:
Make Better Buying from China

Buy from Guangzhou Sourcing Agent office

What We Do

our business scope includes the following


We source products/manufacturers in China from online marketplaces like Alibaba,1688,Taobao, from local wholesale markets, and from different trade shows.


For e-commerce sellers like Shopify owners, we provide dropshipping service, and fulfill orders for them in China directly.


When our clients come to Guangzhou, we interpret for them on the business trips like attending Canton Fair or visiting factories.


We do suppliers' inspections to check if they are qualified, and we also inspect shipments before dispatching.

Some of Our Projects

Office Furniture Project in Africa

Coworking Space Project

Play Video about Office Furniture Project in Africa
Play Video about Coworking Space Project

What Our Customers Say in Real Cases

Why do I establish this sourcing agent?

made in China supply


Here in Guangzhou, we’ve got many wholesale markets like the women’s clothing market, tea and teaware market, cosmetics, and beauty equipment market. There are also wholesale markets in nearby cities, like furniture markets in Foshan, and lighting markets in Zhongshan. We can also source from Alibaba or 1688 or Taobao.

demand outside China


During my foreign trade work in the company years ago, some customers may ask for some other products which were not produced by our company, and I also see a lot of demands requiring China sourcing services on work marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. Since there are so many needs, why not work on them?

connect supply and demand

Connect supply and demand

I’ve been doing foreign trade business since I graduated from the university, it’s been more than 10 years. From the customer’s initial inquiry to the final shipment, I’m able to handle the whole process. Therefore, I decided to provide the service to connect the customer’s demand to the manufacturer’s supply.

Why work with us?

Reliable & Professional

✔ Trust is the basis to work together.
✔ Expertise makes the business come true.

my Chilean friend

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on different projects, typically we charge a fee of 5-10% of the order value, and start from a minimum of US$20.

It’s really a good question since we never know each other before, talk with me and give me a chance to work together, and you will find a good partner in doing business in China. Time will prove it.

I have to say No I can’t.
1. It’s your duty to do this job, and here my duty is to find the qualified product which you want to sell exactly, no free meal to take in this world.
2. I can’t disclose other customer’s business information if I know something is hot.
3. Honestly, if I know something is hot, I will do that myself.

I ship worldwide, currently I have shipped to Eurpean countreis like UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Croatia, African countreis, the US, Canada, Australia, Chile, Sri Lanka.
Welcome customers from all over the world.

Yes, I can help make a sample order, check everything and then ship it to you.

Yes, I can do the inspection of the manufacture before making the order to ensure the supplier is qualified, if the factory is in Guangzhou or in nearby city like Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Jiangmen, I can pay a visit to the factory if it is necessory(on the condition that the order is big).

Yes, I will work with you to do the customized product and brand your product like printing the logo on the product, do customized packing box/bag,etc.

Please go to our blog page, I write a lot of blog posts related with buy from China, you will know more about importing from China.

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