Features of A Reliable Dropshipping Agent in China

Features of A Reliable Dropshipping Agent in China

Are you looking for a reliable dropshipping agent in China for your e-commerce business?
I guess a lot of store owners doing dropshipping business have this concern, and actually, I come across many requests on Fiverr and Upwork work marketplace to look for a reliable dropshipping agent, since the demand is huge, here I have some tips for those who are looking for the qualified dropshipping agent. Some sourcing agents also provide dropshipping services, therefore we can also find a reliable sourcing agent as an alternative.

According to our work experience, we summarized a few features of a trustworthy dropshipping agent, now let’s check them one by one.

1. Fast response and good communication

For every e-commerce store owner, fast dispatch always comes first, customers do not have the patience to wait for 5 days or more to ship out the order, otherwise, they will cancel the order. It requires the store owner and the shipping agent have a tight connection and good communication, and the agent should respond as fast as they can. When the orders come, the shipping agent should take action at once to start to fulfill the orders. If the shipping agent replies to the store owner slowly, it will definitely impact the shipping, normally the dropshipping agent sends the packages to the shipping company once a day, but if the messages are not synchronized between the store owner and the dropshipping agent, it will cause at least 1-day delay or ship the wrong item out. Fast response ensures that the dropshipping agent knows what to do and good communication guarantees the efficiency of the work. So make sure to find a fast-responding dropshipping agent and a good communication one, which will make things easier.

2. Various shipping solutions to choose from

When we are looking for a reliable dropshipping agent, it is better to search in the cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Yiwu. In these areas, there are lots of shipping companies, some are exclusive to e-commerce business, so various shipping solutions are available to choose from. We can ship by China post air mail or e-package or exclusive-line to Europe, or fast way, or an ordinary way, by comparing the shipping rates and delivery time, we can select the most suitable way. Just like sourcing a product, it is better to look for it in the industry cluster, it’s also the best choice to look for a dropshipping agent where many shipping companies are located. then we can compare and find one that provides various shipping solutions.

3. Order processing capacity

Orders processing capacity is important when choosing a dropshipping agent, the capacity not only includes the ability to deal with the order quantity but also to handle exceptional orders, such as changing the order quantity, color, or address. In order to get the job done smoothly, a qualified dropshipping agent should have a warehouse to do the packing and shipping, a place in a mess for order processing will lead to shipping errors.

It is also helpful to use an ERP system for the order fulfillment work, by connecting the orders information to the ERP shipping function, the order processing capacity will improve significantly, and shipping errors will reduce greatly. A professional and reliable dropshipping agent always has an excellent order processing capacity, we should take this point into consideration when choosing the agent.

4. Friendly Professional and Efficient

As long as the agent does the dropshipping for the store owner, they are actually working together for the mutual benefit. The agent who behaves friendly will maintain a good business relationship, and both sides can get along and work together better. A reliable dropshipping agent always works in a professional and efficient way, they have rich work experience and good knowledge of this field, and they can handle all the problems that occurred.

The features we talked about can be found in a reliable dropshipping agent, however, only after we work with the agent for some time, we can figure out whether they are reliable or not. But at least, we can check the agent if they respond fast or not, if they communicate well or not, if they are friendly or not, and ask them if they provide various shipping solutions.

We’ve got a small tip for those who are looking for a dropshipping agent, that is

Find a dropshipping agent that matches your business scale

People get used to finding the best and largest shipping agent for their dropshipping, however, they do not recognize the fact that only the business scale of both parties matches can maintain a sustainable business relationship. For example, If an agent’s capability is 1000 orders per day, but we only ship 10 or 20 orders, this kind of cooperation will not last long, we can find an agent with the capability of 100 orders per day, and both sides grow together.

We hope this article can help you on finding a reliable dropshipping agent, or give you some inspiration. If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to share them with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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