The Best Places to Import Sex Dolls from China

import sex dolls from China

When we plan to do the sex dolls business, have you thought of the question: where can we buy wholesale sex dolls? It’s easy to get the answer: from China. We can buy wholesale sexy lingerie from Guanyun County. China has advanced global manufacturing capabilities and price advantages, and products made in China can be found in all corners of the world. Therefore, we can import this product from China and do good business. We will talk about the topic in this article.

1. The current situation of the sex dolls market

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic has had a huge impact on the normal development of the world economy, but one product has become more popular instead – erotic dolls. 2020, when all industries around the world have cut production due to the impact of the epidemic, China’s exports of adult products increased by 50%, with the export of sex dolls doubled. In March 2020, when the epidemic was serious in Italy, the sales of Chinese sex dolls in Italy increased by 5 times. We have to say, the Italians are indeed passionate as fire. To our surprise, from the orders that some factories received for sex products, Germany which is usually considered strict and rational grew the most.

Italy became the country with the largest increase in consumption this year, more than five times than last year, which made the domestic manufacturers of sell dolls really happy. And the president of AbyssCreations said the company’s sales have increased by nearly 50% year on year since the epidemic. This is an impressive figure because AbyssCreations’ “dolls” are generally more expensive, private custom models can be sold as high as 83,000 yuan.

According to the industry staff, the materials of a sex doll are now mainly divided into TPE and silicone. The TPE is comfortable to touch, closer to the real feel, but it’s heavy, a 1.6m high doll will weigh up to 40kg, it’s almost the same weight as a real lady. The same size, silicone doll can be controlled at about 25kg, and it is more advantageous in purchase and delivery.

According to Lin Degang, founder of Chun Shui Tang, TPE is a thermoplastic elastomeric material, with high resilience, but poor adhesion ability. Because of raw material restrictions, the TPE dolls can not do realistic faces like real girls, and also can not draw permanent makeup, can not implant hair and eyebrows. This kind of doll will be aged and cracked, within 6-12 months. The domestic price is about 3000-5000 yuan, and the retail price in Europe and the United States, and Japan is about $ 1000. Because of the use of mineral oil, it has greasy touch, and pungent smell, the mineral oil can also cause cancer diseases, the only advantage of this material is cheap.

He further pointed out that the real silicone doll refers to the use of silicone material, “this silicone is like children’s pacifiers, and the infusion sets of hospital and girls’ breast implants filling are silicone materials, so liquid silicone is a very safe, non-toxic, no taste, food-grade material, and it has a strong ability of shaping. This material can be painted composite permanent makeup, hair implants eyebrow implants, the silicone material is not easy to age, 10 years without cracking, dry without oil. However, silicone dolls also have a “disadvantage” in that the current selling price is more expensive.

2. The distribution of sex doll factories in China

Now the annual global sales of sex dolls are about 2 million pieces, of which about 90% are from China, these sources where provide the “dream girl” to the world, with a factory size big or small, mostly located in Guangdong’s Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Many companies started out as small factories making silicone material products until a customer asked if they could make silicone dolls. We are not surprised these 2 cities manufacture the most sex dolls in China. Shenzhen is the most open-minded city and Dongguan is the famous city with lots of factories, what’s more, the 2 cities are next to each other which enhances the sex dolls industry development in the areas.

2.1 Natural environment

We know that the higher the terrain, the lower the temperature, the higher the air pressure, the northern terrain is generally higher, and the four seasons are distinct compared to the south, so the temperature change is relatively large, either extremely cold, or extremely hot, and silicone and TPE and other plastic products are very sensitive to temperature changes, which can lead to the quality of the dolls made of great impact. Air pressure is also one of the reasons that affect the silicone and TPE material, the air pressure will have an impact on the air tightness of the raw material. The porosity of the made silicone/TPE dolls will be different, and the porosity will make the service life of the silicone/TPE dolls greatly reduced.

2.2 Social Environment

The cities with the title of “Plastic Capital” are Dongguan, Taizhou, and Ningbo, which can be seen as the southern cities, while the northern cities have been mainly steel and other heavy industries from historical development.

There is also the cost of production, on the one hand, because of the development of industrial structure, the South’s plastic raw materials are much cheaper, coupled with the northern population to work in the South, the overall cost of workers is also relatively low.

3. The features of sex dolls in the future

By adding artificial intelligence, the sex dolls will get a new life, and will also get new pricing, and the biggest beneficiary will be China, because China now has 70% of global sales of erotic products, with an absolute advantage to occupy the first place, far more than the United States, Japan, and South Korea and other countries. Moreover, the technology in China also lies in international alignment and is actively attacking to give more perfect artificial intelligence to these sex dolls. Because many consumers seem to really treat them as their “wife”, will give them dress up, take them on the streets, take pictures together, and live together.

Customized dolls are available, “This kind of business in the domestic market we have not done, but we have done overseas, a widowed old man provided a few photos of his partner, we are able to make 1:1 recovery of his wife’s look doll. The function of the sex doll is actually not so much to solve the sexual needs, companionship is actually a very important aspect.” told by one’s sex doll factory.

To surprise us the most is that sex dolls are not only limited to male purchases anymore but more and more female consumers as well. This means that sex dolls will be more accepted by more people, and the market will continue to expand. After all, in the era of electronic communication, everyone will require more space for themselves, and in this case, the loneliness that comes with being alone will make some people choose to buy themselves a doll.

As the demand for sex dolls grows, at the same time the industry is booming as the gender ratio in China and other nations around the world comes to the fore. It doesn’t look like the physical doll industry is going back any time soon. More importantly, the only thing that is going to change is the intricate process and materials used to make the dolls, making them more realistic.

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